Off we go…

Here I am stepping off into the void of cyberspace, If you find your way to my humble little blog, I hope you find enjoyment in the moments that you pass here.

I am a mum and a painter and as time goes by I hope to show you a little of what makes me tick.

First of all, lets see if I can get a picci on this blog…

New Dawn rose

 Yaaa, there we go.Excellent.  Now, as I was saying, I am a painter, I orginally trained as an illustrator at art college, and spent a few years getting bits and bobs published,  and then bringing up children seemed to take over as it often does.  In more recent years though, I have turned more and more to painting and exhibiting, and even selling my paintings now and again, which is brillant.  At home here, I live with my two boys, plus a small dog, and a similar sized cat, various fish and a rescued rabbit. As we go along, I am sure you will get to meet them one by one.  To start you off, let me introduce Mabel,

Mabel is my lovely 13 month old Lucas terrier, who is full of beans and best of friends with our cat Mackere.l


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