A quick note

Its a funny thing this blog thing, Since I discovered the world of blogging a few months ago, I thought oooh I fancy a crack at that, I’ve always been a one for a bit journal keeping, if only in my work diary, I will note the weather or what birds  have passed through my garden that day, small happenings of a life. and so a few days ago I made the step and did it and launched my little blog into space or where ever it is that these words fly to as they leave my fingertips,  but each evening since, I have sat down and looked at my new shiny blog and thought now what…  and my mind has been completely blank because I think I have been trying too hard to come  up with things to blog about,  so may be it is better to just have a bit of a ramble for a while instead and see where we go from there. 

Mabel has curled her self up at my feet and nodded off.  It has been a very wet day to day,  and she  stood at the back door looking at the rain pouring down and  headed back to the comfort of the rug in front of the fire, very sensible. Night night Mabel, night night everyone.


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