Delving in to my workroom…

I have been attempting to put my work room in to some sort of order of late.   It had got so bad, I could no longer sit at the desk, never mind work at it.  Progress is,  however,  beginning to be made.    I may even take the odd photo of it at some point.   One of the many joys of sorting stuff out,  is the stuff you find, and one of these is a sketch book that Iwas working in a few months ago.   I love sketch books,  anybodys will do,  not just mine.  It is as though the ideas being played out on those pages are like the recipe for something tasty,  and the resulting painting is the cake.img2-004.jpg



3 responses to “Delving in to my workroom…

  1. hi joy,
    thanks for your lovely comment on my blog!! the ducks are just SO cute aren’t they! we’re really loving having them here. can’t wait to see what the garden looks like covered in snow!!–now our heating is working it can come whenever it wants!! your sketch is beautiful–you are very talented!
    liz xx

  2. Absolutely gorgeous sketch! Your paintings are wonderful, too.

  3. I really, really love this sketch.

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