A peek at wildlife

Ideas from my sketchbook…


I love watching hares.  It does not happen very often, but it does it is magic, their movement and speed are captivating,  and I guess it is the same with any wild animal that you happen across. 

Recently while I was at work, I noticed a young fox through the window, we all stood there transfixed as an older bigger fox came trotting up and seemed to shoo the younger one away, it was  as if the old fox was saying ‘now come on, its time you went and found your own patch’.   The young fox seemed reluctant to move off,  but the old fox followedit until it was satisfied that it was on its way.   Then the older fox slowly turned back to return to its den, but not without stopping now again and lookingover its shoulder to make sure the young one was gone.  It felt as if we had witnessed a rite of passage in the young foxes life. Very special.

My brother has badgers that regularly visit his garden, but he sees this a more of a mixed blessing, especially when they start to dig up his new flower bed.



3 responses to “A peek at wildlife

  1. Cool pictures. You really captured the ‘essence of hare’ in your sketch. I love the color one – the tree in the foreground has so much character and I adore the badger’s rounded expressive shapes.

  2. What a stunningly drawn hare, your ears would have been burning if you could have heard what my Andy just said, I called him up to look at it as hares are his favourite thing to watch and draw. He was totally impressed (not easy with him!) and said what a talented artist ‘he’ must be. “That’s a she, by the way!” I had to add…

  3. Lovely drawing! Have you seen these pages on Endicott that tell about The Symbolism of Rabbits and Hares? I found it facinating. I think somewhere on this same sight they have a page or two on foxes as well…

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