A trip to town

On Friday I ventured beyond our local village and headed off to the sights and sounds of Manchester.   A big thing for me as I am not much of a city person. But at this time of the year, I get enticed in by the Christmas Markets.  Saw this fab window display in Harvey Nichols shop, it must have taken ages to put together, it looked as if each house was individually made from old christmas cards, very effective.


As a child, I remember going christmas shopping with my mother in our small market town.  The outdoor market would be a riot of colour as each stall seemed to be trying to out do the stall next to it in friendly rivalry.  I recall stalls groaning under the weight of fruit and vegetables,  boxes of chocolates piled high, christmas holly wreaths hanging along side rabbits and braces of pheasant and bunches of white berried mistletoe being bought by giggling school girls.  Sometimes, if we were lucky, it would begin to snow, that was the best time, carrying home our purchases with the snow starting to settle, and mum saying “I think it might stick tonight!”



4 responses to “A trip to town

  1. Love the Christmas-card houses! And the childhood memory… Alas, most of my childhood memories are very suburban and not nearly so colorful.

  2. A lovely window display, very magical.

  3. I thought I left a comment here and now I don’t see it….I am trying to verify this is you Joy! I wonder what happened to the first comment I left, now I worry this won’t stick either. alas!

  4. That is an amazing window and a lovely piece of art! Merry Christmas! (visiting from Vallen’s)

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