The tree is here!

img12-211206-014.jpg Our tree is up! each treasured decoration carefully unwrapped and placed to show it off to its best, and when the lights are finally switched on, its that really special ahhhh moment. Most cards have been written and posted, apart from local ones that I will deliver by hand over the next couple of evenings.  I have promised the boys a chocolate christmas cake this year, as they are not very keen on the traditional fruit variety.  Presis are beginning to get wrapped, so much to do, and I am so keen to get on with a couple of paintings at the moment arggggg. I have received my SSOF parcel all the way from sunny California. img11-131206-001.jpg

It is from Vallen at queenlythings, I couldn’t wait to unwrap it – so exciting!


A gift of stars all beautifully hand made by Vallen and the most goregous sparkly card I have ever seen, with little 3D butterflies fluttering on it.  The stars came with their own ribbon to hang from, and have taken pride of place above my computer on the bookshelves.


Thank you so much Vallen, they will become very much part of our Christmas treasures.


4 responses to “The tree is here!

  1. How fun! And how well the stars seem to match your red and white Christmas decor!

  2. You have made them look so beatiful in their new surroundings. Thank you and enjoy your holiday!

  3. How beautiful this all is…the colors, the way the light reflects your tree. And what delicious things the postal fairies brought you. I keep looking at the ornie you made and it fills me up.
    Wishing you a very Happy Christmas.

  4. What beautiful stars – and how delightful the tree looks. I am being very nosey and looking at your book titles – are those Chris Beetles catalogues I see there? (The Illustrators)

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