work in progress

work in progress,


I tend to work on a few paintings all at the same time.  I dont ofcause mean that I have a brush in each hand one in my mouth and so on, but I will begin a painting and arrive at a point where I have to leave it for a while until I   can see it with new eyes and while that is going on, another idea for a painting will pop into my head and off I go with that one.  Before I know it I have a pile of pictures all waiting to be finished off.


Sometimes It can feel like it simply isnt working, and will be left for weeks, months maybe longer….


This one has been hanging around for 2 or 3 months I think.


7 responses to “work in progress

  1. I love your work…I feel so completely honored to have a piece of it. I will always love and adore my angel ornament – in fact it’s right next to me . It represents so much and was also the beginning of our meeting, something else I treasure.

  2. Getting to see the transformation from sketch to painting is illuminating. I always like to see how artists work.

  3. Thats so peacefull and carming somehow. I wish I could work on more than one painting at a time somehow I just plan then can’t put it done.

  4. I love watching the progression.

  5. Love your work so much… just added you back in my blog links. Thanks for the note!

  6. She is lovely. Serene and maybe a tiny bit meloncholy? (or is that me I’m talking about…? 🙂 I love your painting.

  7. I just love your paintings! They are so beautifull, specially this one. Is it finished yet?
    I paint too, and like you, I can start a painting, and let it be unfinished for months……I`m there right now…………..Have a nice day!

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