The messenger

My last post was about my habit to build up quite a stack of unfinished paintings, some of them do get finished eventually, but some never see the light of day again and are dealt the ultimate penalty of being painting over!!! However, now and again I paint a picture from start to finsh in one day. yes!   img17-160107-008.jpg

Today was one of those days, and gosh does it feel good.  Pity I have to go to work tomorrow,  may be it will snow over night and I will be snowed in and only able to paint for days, bliss.

I am beginning to think about selling my work on the internet, be it ebay, etsy or simply through a seperate blog,  and I would be very grateful for any hints, tips or advice from all you highly experienced sellers out there.



8 responses to “The messenger

  1. If you do begin to sell your work on line you will have a customer from across the pond. I absolutely adore this new painting. Your work is amazing!
    I have no advice, hints or knowledge about selling on line….but someday I hope to be creating again so much that I can finally dip in to do that myself.

  2. I hope you DO start selling! Your work is terrific. A couple of bloggers that I know sell online and I’m sure would be happy to share their experience. Check out Andrea at and Sarah at Both of them have links on their blogs to their etsy stores or additional blogs with their things for sale. See what you think.

  3. Your work is delightful. I am such a fan. The ladies always have such grace and elegance in a very un-stuffy kind of way.

  4. Go for it! Your work is wonderful! I’ve sold on both Etsy and eBay and love it!

  5. Gorgeous piece! I’ve just opened an Etsy account, to sell work in, so I’m on a learning curve too – let me know when you set yours up, we can link to each other if you like.

  6. What a beaut picture, looks so serene and happy

    Take care

  7. EEEK! Sell your work immediately! Forget etsy and ebay – go somewhere BIG. Your work is phenomenal!!! Vallen is right!!!

  8. I’ve just discovered your lovely blog and wanted to say hello. This picture is absolutely stunning, you are a very talented lady. I look forward to reading more.

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