I love it when it snows, well usually I love it.  We were on a family day out celebrating a birthday on Sunday, when the weather decided to turn.  Driving home after a lovely but wet day in Hebden Bridge, the rain turned to sleet, and then quite quickly to snow!  The excitement in the car was palpable to say the least, but then it turned back to rain the hills became green again, and every one went quiet.  But then a few miles on we began to rise up onto the moors the sleet returned, and then the snow, lots of it, and it didn’t feel exciting any more.  Normally I quite like driving, but when the road has gone white and shows very obvious skid marks  in the white stuff, of cars that have gone this way just before me, I am not happy.  In fact I am quite worried, there I am, driving with my two beloved offspring in the car, the eldest celebrating his birthday, and one false move on that slippery icy white road and we could have been in a ditch. I crept home with several cars behind me.  It took a little longer than usual, but boy, was I glad to be back home. 


The snow was’nt that deep in the end, but it was enough to make me very cautious,  and the next day we were able to relax and enjoy it, and yes, it did look lovely.



3 responses to “winter…

  1. Hello,
    Thanks for dropping by Willow House, that’s quite a view you have there. I have just been having a quick look at your paintings and they are wonderful. I noticed that you were thinking of offering them for sale, can’t really offer any advice myself but if you take a look at Alicia’s blog Posie gets Cosy, you’ll find her in my side bar she has loads of info on starting a business and interview links via her FAQ on her shop site. Sure you would find it intersting.

  2. Oh, as much as I hate the cold, that is one beautiful picture!! Be well.

  3. For some reason your second photo – at least on my screen is HUGE and I couldn’t find a way to comment until now. I’m so glad you arrived safe in all that slippery snow.
    Haven’t seen much of you – are you busy painting your wonderful art??
    Hope all is well, stay warm!

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