sharing heARTs Valentine draw

Late last night, when all good girls should be away to their beds, I was doing a bit of blog surfing, as you do, and I found something wonderful going on.  Yes, I know, the world of blogging is wonderful isn’t it, but this was an added lovelyness, a special giveaway for Valentines Day, if you have a look at Lisa’s blog

She will explain better than me, Lisa has also put up a list of other bloggers who are taking part.  Anyway I wanted to be a part of this,  so I had a hunt around my studio space (mess) and found this little angel in need of a new home.


She is a bit miffed as she has been stuck on the corner of this board for quite a while and thinks it is high time someone else took care of her.  So if you would like to leave a comment,  (it does not matter if you have never left a comment before)  you will be entered into the draw which will take place on Sunday evening Feb 4th.  I can ship overseas, so welcome all to the Sharing heARTs Valentine draw.


25 responses to “sharing heARTs Valentine draw

  1. Well….oh my….she definitely needs to come and live at my house!!!!! Oh my! She is so lovely! Pleeeeeeze send her my way!

  2. I saw your site on Lisa’s list! Isn’t this the greatest idea! Put your name on my list too! I love your angel!

  3. Oh my, she is lovely. Yay to Lisa for sending me here. Please enter me and visit my blog where I am also playing int he heART giveaway! Happy valentine’s Day!

  4. Oh me oh my how generous you are to give this lovely sweet ~angel~ a new home! She most certainly would be loved here with me and the cats and all my garden visitors! Please do include me in your draw! Oh how nice meeting new blogging sisters like you!:)NG

  5. Please enter my name in your drawing! Come fly to West Virginia sweet little angel!!! hehe Come to my Blog and enter for a little crow! Caw!!! Caw!!!! xo, Cinda

  6. Ooooh please enter my name in your wonderful draw:-) I am so happy to see that you’ve joined us in this wonderful Valentine Giveaway!! If you haven’t come to visit me, please do so and join in my giveaway also…I’ll add your name to my links so others know you are participating:-) Hugs xox

  7. How delightful! =^..^=

    I think this little angel would be quite happy
    with me … Cottage living can be lovely!

    Oh do please … Place my name in among the others … and I shall .::cross my fingers::. that she is meant to be mine.

    SOooo happy to find your blog!
    Isn’t this a wondeful heARTfelt happening?

    I hope you will perhaps stop by and place you name in the teacup for my drawing too!
    =^..^= love, zU

  8. How sweet is she! Please add your name to my drawing if you haven’t yet 🙂

  9. Oh… gosh.. since my name is Angela… I have this thing about angels…. and oh she looks so sweet and so eager to hop across an ocean to settle down in the mid-west

  10. an angel of love – she’s beautiful!
    thank you for including me and check my site for my heART give-a-way.
    xoxox, lauren

  11. ok I’m sighing over here, I don’t see my post putting my name in the hat… here it IS…..I hope it doesn’t disappear (or maybe muddle headed me THOUGHT I did) No mind…. PICK ME PICK ME PICK ME!

  12. What a wonderful painting.

    I am so glad I found you.

    Please enter my name in your HeART Give Away

    ( I love your banner and those flowers !!!)

    LOve, S.

  13. please include me in the drawing for your beautiful angel…xoxo~k

  14. Oh-please drop my name into your hat also! Your little angel is adorable! And pop over to my blog for a little giveaway there also! xo-Melfie

  15. Oh she is pretty, I would love it if you added my name to your drawing

  16. Thanks so much for bringing a smile to my face!
    Your Angel is sooo cute! Thanks so mcuh for your generous offer, and please add my name to your drawing! I’d love to give her a new home 🙂


  17. Count me in!!! That angel even looks like me!!!!

  18. i’ve never been here, but would love to be a part of your valentine drawing. it won’t do to have miffed angels hanging about!

    i scrolled down to look around and think “the messenger” painting is one of the most beautiful i’ve seen. you should definitely start selling online!

  19. Wow! I love this angel girl!!! Please enter me in the drawing! She would be a welcome addition to my home!!! Will be back to read your blog more extensively!! Thanks for entering my contest!!!


  20. Please enter me in the drawing! I have been doing a bit of blog surfing myself lately and am always happy to stumble upon talented artists as I have here! I love your painting! 🙂

  21. What a sweet image (love the heart – so appropriate). February 4th is my birthday – I think I must enter! 🙂

  22. But she is so gorgeous how could you possibly live without her?

  23. So glad I found you… love your banner. Add me to your drawing. fingers crossed!

  24. Oh I’m so glad I just stumbled upon this! I love that painting and hope I win. Count me in!

  25. Thank you very much for your comment on my web site, my english is VERY bad, but I have to write back to you! I LOVE your fathers paintings, I have baught mine on second hand shops and flee markets, and I’m still looking for moore, I collect them red/white and blue/white and will hang them on my wall. Your drawings is very butiful too!!!!

    I’t was very nice too hear from you, I think I have too write a piese (?) on my blogg about you and your father!

    Have a nice sunday, in Norway it’s mothers day today, soo I have just visit my mother….

    Sorry again for my bad english, hope you can understand some of it…. =0)

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