The grand draw!

The draw has taken place….

The rules were all abided to and Mabel made sure every thing was above board and in the bowl.It was then left to younger son Lawrie to do the honours and pull a name out of the said bowl and it is ……

Carolyn of Willow House, well done.  The little angel will be winging her way to you shortly.

This has been a brilliant idea that began at Sandy’s blog and spread amongst the blogging community, a lovely simple gift of sharing and giving.  Thank you so much to everyone who has taken part, I may just do this again some time.


6 responses to “The grand draw!

  1. Hurray for Carolyn! =^..^=

    Whatta ::LuCkY::DuCkY::!

    It’s been so much fun …
    Thanks ever so much for the chance to win
    one of your canvas’

    =^..^= xoxo zU

  2. Oh what a lucky lady to have won your artwork!sigh
    wish it were me however I have 2 wins.
    Thank you for the opportunity in entering into your draw and now I can visit a very gifted artist because of the sharing of HeArTs event!

  3. Yes – it’s a great idea, and I’m so glad people are participating in giving lovely pieces of art away. Big gold fairy-star to you for taking part.

  4. Thankyou so much, she will have a very special place here at Willow House.
    Carolyn x

  5. Congratulations to carolyn, she’s one lucky gal. I am going to post on Wednesday about a new event for all of us to share again…. A Spring Fling! so watch for it!

  6. Love your paintings!

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