golden threads

I am so behind with my postings for all sorts of reasons which I won’t bore you with here.  This week has been cold, very cold, grey and wet.  We have not had the fun of a thick blanket of snow that some parts of Britain got  a few days ago.  But there have been some golden threads running through this dreary tapestry.  The first of which was a visit from my secret fairy, a parcel awaited me which had travelled many miles.


A parcel of delights for the SSOF swap.  There was cards, a fairy wand, a banner of love, fairy dust and applicator in a pretty heart shaped box and the most gorgeous box of chocolates I think I have ever seen.  I am so going to enjoy emptying that box of chocolates!

Thank you so much Angela.

The next golden thread was a surprise from another fairy, which had also travelled many many miles, in the shape of a card, a lovely fairy and an original Queenly things necklace.

I have made so many new friends through this amazing community,  It really is so special.  Thank you Vallen so very much.


6 responses to “golden threads

  1. Lovely, lovely fairy packages!

    Thanks for blogging about them.

  2. I got something lovely in the post today as well – a certain miffed angel! She is beautiful, thankyou very much. You can see her again over at Willow House on Valentines Day.

  3. If you take a look at my blog, you can see your paintings and some of your fathers plaits.

    I hope it’s okay that I linked too your blog too…

  4. You give joy you get joy. That’s just how it works.

  5. That is one of the best Valentines parcels I’ve seen so far, and what lovely boxes you’ll have to keep treasures in. I adore that little monkey card.

  6. I just love the school house cow card (Alfred Hitchcock). I was wondering if you could email me the title of the card and the name of a artist, they are hard to read online. Thanks.

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