bits of paper and glue

There have been a few comments about the flowers in my banner, so I thought I would show you a more complete picture of them.


I made these a while ago.  They are made from papier mache on a wire armature and potted up in little terracotta garden pots. I like these sort of plants as they are very easy to keep and don’t need watering!   I love working with papier mache, it is so flexible, I have made bowls and boxes, vases and noahs arks, but they were made before I had my diggi camera and only have very poor photos of them before they went to live at other homes.  Some thing I do like to do with papier mache is use as a base or support for paintings.


I love painting these, I love the uneven texture that is created by the layers of newsprint.  Sometimes the layer of paint is thin enough to show some of the print, and that adds another dimension to the work.


The latest foray into papier mache, is this little character.


She is a little put out, as she is still awaiting her dress, but hopefully not for much longer, just as soon as I can get around to it….


8 responses to “bits of paper and glue

  1. I have been REALLY wanted to do some papier mache, you know other than the kind you do over a balloon. I do wire armatures when I make art dolls but never once thought of doing papier mache over it…..are you using watered glue, wallpaper paste…do you mind telling??
    I love this new character!

  2. Hello!
    Oh I’m a little bit late with my comment cause I JUST noticed your comment on my blog which you wrote in January. Remember that art exhibition I showed and the girl with the fox…..and you had painted that kind of too. I had a look and I like your style a lot!!! I’ve done and tried all kinds of things, used different materials etc. I’m not an artist like you are, its just my hobby and I enjoy it. I’ve also made some paper mache mirrors which I havent showed yet…. By the way if youre interested in fairies, click my blog. I’ll come back here again cause your art is so fascinating! (Oh and this blue plate your dad has designed, it looks so familiar to me too, I had these kind of plates 15 years ago but cause I broke one I sold the rest three at Flee Market….)

  3. Coincedence! My latest post features a papier mache doll of mine. Your’s is so adorable, love her!

  4. She is darling – even dress-less. 🙂 I love her stripey legs.

  5. My oh my your art is wonderful! I love your flowers in pots. And your little papier person is gorgeous (lobe her feet). Would love to venture into papier mache myself.

    Can’t wait to see how you dress her!

  6. Joy, get thee to an agent my very talented friend. These are spectacular!!!!!

  7. Just found your blog on Lisa Oceandreamer’s blog. I just wanted to say I do like your paintings, especially moongazing the girl cradling the cat in the full moon. Gorgeous. Love the textured stuff too.

  8. Joy, just wanted to pop in….I LOVE your paper mache work and paintings!

    will be back 🙂

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