Settling in

A quick post to say we are all enjoying our new little Mitten.

He has been making himself at home and getting to know us all, especially Mackerel.


A little bit of painting has been done in between necessary bonding with Mitten, and Angels have begun to appear on boards  brought about from brushes and acrylic paint.



I love painting angels.


5 responses to “Settling in

  1. Mitten is soo gorgeous, and it is obvious that you love painting angels otherwise they wouldn’t turn out so well. Thanks for your kind comment, your miffed angel is keeping Stuart company.

  2. i love your angels…and your kitties!

  3. I’ve been missing you Joy. I love seeing this precious baby….I hope you’ll show more as he gets bigger and bigger! What a little love!
    OH and your angels, your art….always so great!!

  4. I LOVE the angels!! New to your blog but I’ll be back. Kitties are very cute too! {:

  5. Kitties and angels – how could they not make you happy.

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