what a difference a week makes….

I would just like to say a heart felt thank you to those lovely blogging friends out there who sent me little notes of support, I am so very grateful.  I am glad to say I feel less at odds with things than I did last week, when all was grey and muddy looking.  This week, I am aware the sun is shining and the garden is filling with colour and scent.


oh for a sratch and sniff blog!


The may blossom has started to open right on cue.


Dont you just love the sweet simplicity of the tiny forget-me-not, these have scattered themselves along side the lawn, which I had to cut so carefully today for fear I should nip their blooms.

I have also been industrious and have created a second blog!!   It is only a baby at the moment with not much to say for its self, but dare I say – watch this space http://jamjarart.wordpress.com

Happy May Day to you all!



9 responses to “what a difference a week makes….

  1. It’s amazing what difference a little time off makes isn’t it? So pleased that things look a little brighter now and SO IMPRESSED that you have taken a plunge with your art, love the first post on your new blog and will be checking in regularly. When you’ve done a few posts have a word with Kim over at http://TodaysCreativeBlog.blogspot.com to see if she would be interested in featuring you because the more visits you get the more likely you are to sell! Anyway best of luck.
    Carolyn x

  2. Glad to see you are back and feeling better, love all your photos of the garden. Off to have a look at your new blog.
    Take care,
    L x

  3. Oh, those lilacs would make me happy any day. And the forget-me-nots take me back to the front yard of my childhood home. What beautiful surroundings for your beautiful art.

  4. Your photo of lilacs is soooooo beautiful. I almost can smell the fragrance….

  5. Scratch and sniff indeed! Lovely, lovely… My poor garden is so overgrown right now that I can hardly bring myself to consider dealing with it. At any rate, I can’t until the next deadline is met – so things will have to grow with wild abandon for a bit longer.

    I am glad to hear that you are feeling better (yes, breathe!!) and hope things continue to look doable for you. Your art is beautiful – am looking forward to more on your new blog.

  6. I enjoyed reading your blog so it is nice to see you back!

  7. How lovely the lights look! What a good way to wind the day down.

  8. I just love lilacs. You managed to get a really good photo of them. You can almost smell ’em!

  9. Great Pictures!

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