Time in the garden

The weather has turned quite mixed of late, I think we got rather spolit during April, it certainly was glorious if very unseasonable,  I have still been out in the garden despite the rain and relining our pond that I had managed to puncture last autumn.


The poor old tadpoles were crammed into a few inches of water so it was time for some action, which meant bailing out the residents into lots of buckets.


What a messy revolting job it was, but now they have a shiny new pond to swim about in, and I have managed to tick another job of the endless list of things that need doing now list!


At the end of a day, if the weather is suitable, by which I mean it is not blowing a force 9 gale or tipping down with rain, I carry out one of my favorite little routines.  As the light begins to fade, I will take a handful of nightlights and a box of matches and light lanterns that I have dotted around the garden.


There are always at least three lit, which to me symbolises my two sons, Thomas and Lawrie and myself, our little family.   Sometimes there might be another lit in memory of someone special and then again I might just light loads of nightlights simply for the sheer beauty of the twinkling candlelight in the darkness of the garden.


What is lovely, is that the neighbours have joined in. Our gardens are on a hillside with one garden sitting slightly above the next and so on, and from my vantage point I can look down on to the other gardens and during last summer on wonderful barmy evenings, there would be dozens of twinkling lanterns in different gardens, indeed a beautiful sight to behold.


7 responses to “Time in the garden

  1. I really like the lighting suggestion and it would look great/romantic next to a water garden. Good suggestion.

  2. The lights are lovely as is the entire garden. I just found a place that sells solar powered garden lanterns that I would love to hang in our garden. There is something about little lights shining bright at night that takes one to a fairy land. Very nice.

  3. Pond and garden looking good.

  4. I *love* the lanterns! And that your neighbors have joined in! Magical!

  5. love the lanterns – there is nothing nicer than lovely candle light

  6. Wow that looks and sounds so amazing and to think I had never even heard of Whit Friday before!!

  7. Jackie and Paul

    Hi Joy
    Had my first view of your art collection and immediately fell in love. I’m a curve lover (as Jackie will testify) so your art work for me is wonderfully appealing. I believe I must see your harbour painting too! (I’m also a sucker for that subject matter, find it very relaxing).

    Foxes are brilliant and your women beautiful.

    Love to hang at least 3 on my walls, maybe get Jackie to buy me 1 for my “big” birthday next Feb…….

    Love and best wishes
    Paul and Jackie

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