A chance to try those wings….

It is 1.30am and I am WIDE awake, because just over an hour ago I took my youngest son, Lawrie


 to school to meet up with another 39 other very excited kids, who were  about to set off on a school trip to France.  They are  travelling through the night down to Dover and then across to calais and then a 6 hour journey to their chateau in Normandy.  We have been so keyed up to this trip for weeks, that now I have put him on the coach waved my goodbyes (I don’t think he noticed – its not cool to have your mum jumping about, waving frantically and blowing kisses is it!) I feel empty sort off, I so wanted to jump on the coach and share their excitement, to be 13 again.  But this is when we have to step back and let go.  So after the tail lights of coach had dissappeared in to the darkness, I got in my little car and drove off to my nearest 24 hour supermarket and bought a bottle of  red wine and thought, sod it! if I can’t join them, I’ll have a glass of wine instead. Look on the bright side I am let off the school run for a few days.


Go Lawrie!!!


3 responses to “A chance to try those wings….

  1. It’s hard, isn’t it?! My son went with a small, school group to Italy and France last year. Next-to-no-contact for nearly 10 days! Tried to stay calm and mature – but it was tough. 🙂

  2. When I was a young mom I thought that you’d stop worrying when your kids got older. Nope, that doesn’t happen. But like you I’ve just had to let the bus go down the road until its taillights disappear. AND I still make them call me when they arrive wherever they’re going.

  3. It is hard letting go. My son is 18 next week and goes on holiday to Tenerife with 15 mates next month!!! I’m in total agreement with you on Kester Woodseaves. Precious Bane would make a wonderful film – who would you cast to be Kester? Thanks for calling by my blog.

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