Daisy Lupin

I only heard today of the sudden death of Daisy Lupin of Cats in the Kitchen, flora in the Garden.   I was so shocked and saddened even though I had never met her. 

It is an extraordinary thing, this blogging community, The connections between people who never meet, listening to one anothers’ stories, our highs and lows and caring about each other. Lisa at heART of the Nest has written the most beautiful tribute to her.  Daisy Lupins blog was a wonderful read, full to the brim of interest and life, she shall be missed.



4 responses to “Daisy Lupin

  1. I stumbled across your blog this morning and read your tribute to Daisy Lupin and Lisa’s moving tribute with tears in my eyes. I never had the pleasure of reading these blogs before, but I was touched by the emotion and shared support of fellow bloggers – it is an amazing community. I hope to come back to your blog at happier times.

    Take care,

  2. I’m shocked here too. Although I didnt visit Daisys blog regularly I found out how very talent person she is. This is like a bad dream which isnt true.
    (You asked about my back…after all this digging, I’m glad I dont have problems with it. You have a beautiful photo here)

  3. I had a letter from a non-blogging friend who has been shocked and saddened at this too. She will never be forgotten, and I wonder if she ever knew how many lives she touched.

  4. I still cannot get over this shock, it all still seems so surreal. I do not think she realized just how many people read her blog and were truly affected by her presence. I think that’s why leaving comments – even if it’s every few posts – is important for people to know they are thought of, cared for, loved and something on a blog struck them.

    So I am telling you now dear Joy, you matter to me and I am SO happy the SOSF enabled us to “meet”.

    Love, light and hugs,

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