Eight random facts about me!

okay , I’ve been tagged by Maddy for 8 random facts, here we go….

 1, I love snowflakes, when it snows, I have been known to drag the children outside in freezing conditions with a piece of black card to catch the snowflakes on, and a magnifing glass to show them the wonders of a snowflake.

2, I love the weather, in all its forms.  every day I check my favorite weather sites, and my boys bought me this brilliant weather gizmo that forecasts the weather.

3, I adore being by the sea, I chose the art college where I studied illustration, because it was by the sea.  my dream is to live by the sea again someday.

4, I once did a parachute jump, and it went wrong, the parachute did not open properly and I had to pull my reserve chute, I never did another one, surprise surprise!

5, My favorite pudding is Queens pudding, I will post a recipe for you all soon.

6, I used to have two wombs, but have since had a hysterectomy x 2, my two pregnancies were in different wombs…..

7, I once had a summer job putting the cherries on the backwell tarts at Mr Kipling Cakes.

8, I love childrens book illustrations, I have two originals by Elieen Soper and one by Charles Tunicliffe, if I won the lottery, I would collect more.

Okay now it is up to you,  if you fancy joining in please tag yourself.


9 responses to “Eight random facts about me!

  1. I am with you on No 3 and have decided this very minute that tomorrow will be a trip to the seaside … thanks for the inspiration.

    Now No 6 is a new one on me, I have never heard of such a thing, can I be rude and ask if you had two cycles as well?

    I recently started collecting children’s books on Ebay, I have all the Paddington books and a number of Madeline books. I love the illustrations most of all.

    Great list, have a lovely weekend.

  2. I’m with you right by the sea. Once lived in the middle of the country and I felt like I was suffocating.

  3. very interesting!
    I love the idea of looking at snowflakes with a magnifying glass….although we have to drive a ways to find snow.
    I am also all about the sea…..although it’s about 40 minutes away at least it’s there. I could never live where I’d be completely land locked.
    I also love childrens books illustrations!

    I have to say the womb part, that’s really a new one and something I’ve never heard of. I’m at a loss for words.

    Are you doing new art???

  4. Interesting things… I’m afraid I’ve lived a very boring life. I can never think of anything unusual for these memes…

  5. Making my child look at snowflakes through a magnifying glass sounds very like me too… I’m so glad you are back — I am looking forward to more of your tales and more of your art… so refreshing.

  6. What an interesting post! I will have to try the black card with the magnifying glass next time it snows…

    I share your love of the sea and also hope to live beside it one day.

    No 6 is not as rare as some readers might think…as a former midwife, I have come across this before!

    Thanks for sharing
    Marie x

  7. I really enjoyed reading these –
    I love checking out the weather sites and looking at clouds, and was at college by the sea too – definitely adds an extra dimension to art school life!
    Queen of Puddings – now you’re talking! love it!
    And we used to live just up the road from Eileen Soper’s former home and garden at Harmer Green near Digswell, Hertfordshire. If you haven’t got a copy already you’ll love “Wildings – The secret Garden of Eileen Soper” by Duff Hart-Davis.


  8. two wombs good grief it can be bad enough with one!

  9. в итоге: мне понравилось..

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