Doodles in my sketch book whilst waiting for Thomas  to come off the computor!



and look at Mitten, isn’t he big now!



12 responses to “doodles

  1. A productive time after all – you’ve loads of ideas for paintings there! Mitten looks so cosy – expect my ginger boy, Chester, is snuggled up in a cosy corner too!


  2. Mitten is gorgeous! Wonder will those doodles develop into something …

  3. Wish I could doodle like that! Such talent.

  4. Angels and mermaids…there is probably some deep psychological reason for these, but I don’t know what it is! Great doodles though.

    Marie x

  5. Beautiful sketches, I can’t wait to see the paintings.

  6. I adore those sketches….especially the woman listening to the shipping forecast!!
    Look at the size of Mittens, I cannot believe it’s the same cat. He’s so handsome!!

  7. Oh beautiful sketches, especially the angels and that little mouse in the middle! Then how about your kitten….are you sure you dont own a tiger…haa.

  8. I love them all but my favorite is “Listening to the Shipping Forecast” She is simply beautiful.

  9. These are beautiful,really inspirational!!!!

  10. hello joy – i was expecting to find a different joy! but i see you know pg and higgletypigglety…anyway, hello and thanks for your nice comment on my blog. i love your sketches and other artwork.

  11. I love the sketches: I especially like the rabbit scratching his nose!

  12. IT’s been ages…..where are you? I do hope all is well!!

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