here I am….

Hi one and all, I don’t know where the last month has gone, it has probably been mixed up with the last frantic few days of the school hols, and then the relief of returning to that familiar routine –   the heady mix of having a bit more time to myself, along with realising what a state the house has got in to whilst I have been busy gardening/painting/building a shed/visiting friends/not doing housework! I spent the last day of the school holidays trying to get school shoes for my 14 year old who would much rather be skateboarding and had a face as long as a weekend as my mum, bless her, would have said.  I did find it very supportive that all the other mums in the shop seem to be having similar trials with their kids.  I also had a weekend trip to a lovely friend in Herefordshire to coincide with the Hereford open studios week (10 days really).  My friend is a potter who makes the most amazing porcelain lights I have ever seen. 


She has a website in the making and I will put a link to it when it goes live.  While she was kept at her studio during the day, I whizzed off around the lanes of rural Herefordshire meeting new and amazing artists selling their wares from their workshops/studio/homes. All very inspiring.  Plus I came home with a little bird.

I also had a family funeral to attend, my mum’s cousin, who we have always called uncle, although he was may be a second cousin or one step removed – have never understood all that, Anyway, he was Uncle Doug to us, and he was lovely, he had lived a long and full life, loved his job, travelled loads, when he retired , he threw himself in to charity work, which took him abroad again, he adored his wife, whose death 10 years ago, he never really got over and his only child, Jeremy, gave the most loveliest/loving and interesting eulogy I have ever listened too.  It was a beautiful day, late summer, with a touch of early autumn.   We stood by his graveside as he was laid to rest under the trees in the dabbled sunlight and it all felt as it should, a true celebration of a life.  He was 91.

I have also been painting….

these will hopefully be finding their way to my little Etsy shop in the way of prints and originals.

Thank you to Lisa for wondering where I was.


9 responses to “here I am….

  1. the lamp is very beautiful and so are your paintings, I adore the girl and cat, and also really like the others ones! great work!

  2. That lamp is indeed beautiful but YOUR paintings always make my heart sing! I can’t wait to see more prints in your Etsy shop!
    Sounds like you’ve had a busy time of it and actually that’s a good thing! I love seeing what new paintings you’ve done…I have been in an art slump for quite awhile now. I truly hope when the crisp days of Autumn come to stay I will be more motivated!
    I am so glad you posted….I do miss not seeing you for so long!
    Sending you lots of hugs.
    oh and one day it would an amazing JOY (ha, pun intended) if the dream you had came true! We’d wine and dine you…and oh yes, SHOP!

  3. Good to see you back, it sounds like you had a good summer, apart from your Uncles death of course but what a grand age to achieve.

  4. I am so pleased to find your blog … I love your paintings and am thankful to have read the sweet story of your “uncle.”

  5. I had wondered too but knowing you “arty types” 😉 I thought you may have been in a painting frenzy and lost track of time.

    Love your new works, so unique.

  6. Hi Joy

    I had also been wondering where you were – glad to see you’re back! The lamp is absolutely stunning and so beautiful. Nice to see that you have found some time for painting during your absence.

    You commented on the oils on my blog. They are Canadian and I’m not sure about their availability in the UK. I am trying to get some in and hope to have them soon – shipping is actually much cheaper to the UK/Europe than within Canada. When they come in, I will post them on my blog.

    Marie x

  7. Your paintings are so cheerful. They always make me smile.

  8. Oh, Joy, the paintings are fabulous. The nest is my favorite but I quite like that lady in red. I’ll be monitoring etsy to see if they appear.

  9. Hi Joy! Yay – you’re back!

    Love the paintings. Please *do* alert us when they make it to your etsy shop. Your work is so appealing.

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