A good film and a blank canvas.

I simply love painting when there is a good film on the TV.  Somehow the story sinks in more and the painting flows, I find it completely relaxing.  Tonight, after a dark and gloomy day and now  with the wind howling around the chimney, we decided to put a favourite film on the telly.  After much debate,  we chose ‘Prancer’.  We have loved this film for years,  when the nights start to draw in, and winter is right around the corner, we will say “shall we watch ‘Prancer’ tonight”, it is such a sweet feel good film, it is always greeted with delight.  As always, as we settled down, I got my paints and canvas out and this is the result….


Let it snow! (well, maybe not just yet).  5″ x 7″ canvas.

I have put it up on my Etsy shop.


3 responses to “A good film and a blank canvas.

  1. Oh, Joy, it is fabulous. The snowflakes, the color, the bundled up little child. Cold in a warm fuzzy way.

  2. Hi Joy,

    I love your painting! I’ve never seen Prancer ~ I think that I am going to have to find a copy.

    Enjoy your cosy evenings at home.

    Marie x

  3. Adorable, maybe you could use it to produce some Christmas cards?

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