Has anyone else noticed that leaving comments on google/blogger accounts has recently become impossible unless you have a google/blogger account!  Due to the high number of google/blogger blogs, many of the blogs that I read are using this type of account and it means that, unless I have had an earlier contact by comment/email, it is now very difficult to get in touch with these fellow bloggers.  I now have the situation where I can not leave on comment on many of my favourite blogs, unless, of course, I sign up for a google/blogger account….  Are other people (those of you with typepad, wordpress,  live journal  etc.) having this problem?


I have also been a bit frustrated by trying to get a decent photograph of this painting.  The painting represents the hope of spring in the middle of winter. I really enjoyed painting all the twirly leafy tendrils that wind on and off her dress.  The size of it is 8″ x 24″, a little bigger than my usual.   The light has been quite poor of late, no bright sunny days.  Still, here it is for now until I can get a better image. 



7 responses to “frustration

  1. Hi (and a belated Happy Birthday!)
    This painting is so serene – it reminds me a Klimpt – the patterns and colours and the composition.

    As I have a Google Blog I haven’t had the problem with comments – but did notice a slight change in the set-up for leaving comments. How annoying for you! Suppose you just set up an account but not start a blog – or just put a link back to this one.


  2. The comment thing seems to be intermittant. I have a typepad account and I regularly have trouble leaving and receiving comments.
    I love the Hope in Winter. I would like a dress like that myself, one that you’d painted on the flowers and tendrils.

  3. Hi Joy,

    I love your beautiful painting. The colours are gorgeous!

    As for the question you asked, I found that a lot of people who don’t use blogger didn’t leave comments on my blog, so I changed the settings to enable comment moderation and now it allows anonymous comments ~ but I get to vet them first. This seems a good compromise and works well, as it allows those who use wordpress and other hosts to make comments on my blog without creating an account ~ although I’m not sure if all my readers are aware of this.

    I did create a typepad account when I first started blogging, as many of my blog friends use it and I couldn’t comment without an account ~ same problem, but with a different account!

    Have a good weekend and do drop by and leave a comment on my (blogger) blog!

    Marie x

  4. YEESSSS I know what you mean, it’s so frustrating. Sometimes I have typed this big long comment only to find a little further down I can’t post it, sooo annoying.

    I love your latest work, it’s beautiful.

  5. How I love your style! I admire the colors again….soooooo beautiful.

  6. Google/ blooger are driving me mad! Actually they have done ever since I started blogging because there were always some blogs that you couldn’t comment on unless you had a google / blogger account – so I signed up for one. Very easy, only trouble is it only worked the first time I tried to use it and then didn’t recognise my password – I always, always use the same password.
    Anyway to cut a long story short I’ve taken to commenting anonousmly (I’ve spelt that wong) where possible signing myslef Carolyn
    When I have a little more time I intend to start a blogger blog jst to use to direct people to my main blog, well that’s the theory anyway.

  7. The painting is gorgeous!

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