Merry Christmas!

Crumbs! Christmas Eve has arrived and there is still loads to do, wrap pressies, post a few local cards and a bit of shopping, I like to leave a little bit of shopping until today so I can join in that Chrismassy feeling in the queue at the shops.  When I was little I would go with my mum on Christmas Eve to the little market town near where we lived and get pork pies and cheese and yummy Christmas biscuits from the shop that had huge bunches of holly and mistletoe hanging up outside, along with braces of pheasant and rabbit, There would be a few Christmas trees left hoping to be bought and the shoppers would be bustling around but would have the time to share a few festive greetings, There would be a nip in the air and the odd flake beginning to fall.  Then it would be off home to make those last mince pies, prepare the turkey for tomorrow and settle down in front of the TV with a good black and white film with the snow starting to fall outside the window.  Am I a hopeless romantic or what!


The above is this years Christmas card to my brother and his family – it is painted on a wooden plaque.

With the arrival of the Internet, friends are made far and wide, people who may never meet but still mean so much to the people whose lives they touch, one of these for me is Vallen Queen, an amazing person with so much talent and energy, (I can’t believe how many crafty things you made over the last few weeks) and so much enthusiasm for fellow crafters and artists.  Vallen sent me a lovely parcel of gifts,



A gorgeous little bird to hang on my tree, a playing card with one of my favorite birds on it, a CD of Chrismassy music to enjoy and a wonderful Vallen Queen original tea cosy, yehhh!  Thank you so much Vallen.

Merry Christmas to you all  tra la la la la laaaa


7 responses to “Merry Christmas!

  1. Merry Christmas to you and yours Joy! Enjoy your day.

  2. I forgot to attach a customs tag so I’m very happy you got this and equally happy that you like it. Love to you and happy new year!!!

  3. Flew straight away from Queen V’s. Your doll is breathtaking as is Val’s tea cozy. You two are perfect swap partners! Tra la la la la.

  4. What a beautiful reminiscence – It’s hard to beat the Christmas memories of our childhood… I hope you are enjoying these holidays though and I hope they are filled with lots of love and good cheer!

    Beata xx

  5. Happy New Year Joy and thank you for all the lovely comments at my blog in 2007.

  6. Hi Joy,

    Happy New Year! I love that beautiful card that you painted for your brother ~ it is so pretty and festive.

    I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas and I send very best wishes for 2008.

    Marie x

  7. I love the wooden Christmas card. The painting is so pretty!

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