Happy Valentines Day one and all!


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  1. I want purple hair and stripe stockings, she is just beautiful.

  2. I love her sweet face…and her hair…and her dress!

    Hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day.


  3. Hi, my name is Neinah. I came to your blog by way of posy, and had to write a quick note. I really like your art, especially the mug with daisies in it…not to mention Grrrrr (it reminds me of my feisty Cairn terrier “Taz”) Anyway, I did say this was going to be a “short” message, but I’m blethering on anyway… I live near Seattle, and have lived in the US for 23 years, but I was raised in a little village called Upper Denby till I was 18, not far from Holmfirth, but a far cry from where I am now!! But that’s the wonder of blogging isn’t it? Such a great way to reach out. Thanks for sharing your beautiful art with the world. Neinah

  4. Her hair is magnificent!!! As are you.

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