A little wobble and a nice surprise….

Thank you for all your supportive comments concerning Lawrie, who after a fourteen hour sleep was back at school today. 

Today, we (being most of Britain)  are getting over the surprise of being woken up by a earthquake at just before 1 am.  It seems that Britain had a little wobble 5.3 on the reichter scale,  which  amazingly was felt over most of the country.  All three of us here felt it,  I thought one of our cats was having a good old scratch under the bed, but then I realised a cat wouldn’t shake the bed quite that much!

Another surprise happened a couple of days ago when the postman delivered a parcel.  It was from a secret fairy, a lovely surprise from someone called Sara in far away Seattle. Two bird shaped cookie cutters and a packet of cookie mixture.


the biggest surprise was though, that sara had posted this on the 10th December and it has only just arrived, which just goes to show that maybe things can take awhile sometimes, especially when they are coming so far, but they get there in the end.  Thank you so much Sara, now where is my mixing bowl!

A final note, I noticed a sure sign that spring is on it’s way today,  there is frog spawn in our pond.



2 responses to “A little wobble and a nice surprise….

  1. Glad to hear Laurie is feeling better. Some of the people I look after have epilepsy so I can sympathise with you. It’s so hard feeling so helpless as an onlooker. I can’t even begin to think how Laurie must feel. Here’s hoping the medication gets itself sorted soon.

    As for the earthquake, oddly I had exactly the same first thought as you. I thought one of the cats what having a good scratching session on the bed, then realised the shaking was far too violent for that, then I realised what it was.

  2. Call me when the cookies are ready. Yum!!!

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