A white Easter!

Hope you have all had a lovely Easter,  In the UK this year, we have had the added bonus of toboganing and snowman building activities due to a fine dollop of snow arriving in the early hours of Easter sunday, however, not all were impressed, just look at the expression on Mittens face.


You can almost imagine him thinking ‘I rather preferred the grass as it was’.

I was messing about with a recycled canvas the other night, and this emerged….


just abit of fun really.



9 responses to “A white Easter!

  1. Just messing around! looks good to me. We didn’t get snow, just wind and hail. Not a good combination.

  2. I LOVE that painting !
    Sadly, we didn’t get any snow, just sludgy rain.
    : (

  3. The painting is fun. Messing around? It looks neat as can be. STay warm little primrose, the snow will soon be melted.

  4. We had a beautiful, springy, sunny Easter – but got hit with the snow today! Funny spring weather…

  5. What a lovely sight ~ a little primrose peeping through the snow!

    Enjoy your weekend
    Marie s

  6. I can’t believe snow in March, and thick snow at that. Still I’d kill for some here, we had a little bit of rain over a few days but not the amount promised.

  7. Mitten is a joy to behold…the eyes have it, I think 🙂 the snow has a magical effect on everything it touches, and when it comes late, it makes the Spring even more sweet 🙂

  8. ooooh how I adore that painting!! And your little Mittens looks quite alot like my little Mazzy:) Thank you so much for popping over at my blog!! My next shop update with houses will be more London time friendly!!! 😉 Hope you have a great week! xo..jenn

  9. It was nice to get a little snow wasn’t it?

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