A catch up and a request

Easter has long gone along with the Easter eggs, actually I think those were gone by lunchtime if not before! The snow went and then it came back, but then it went again.  Also WordPress has changed abit, so bare with me as I try to find my way around this new format while I write this post.  I am busy with variouscommissions and projects at the moment, which I am really enjoying, so housework has gone at of the window for the time being, alright, alright, it went out of the window a long time ago, it’s just nice to have a decent excuse for once.  Besides the commissions, I am trying to sort my kitchen out – it is a very unfitted kitchen, but not in the trendy sense.  Instead a very old wobbly sink unit, no worktop, gaps that things can fall down and can never be retrived from.  This is a little sketch of it, although we do have a different cooker now… I fancy something along these lines…

(It’s very different putting a picture up on this new look WordPress) My sketchbooks get filled up with my dreams of what to do with my home.  In my sketches, I can move walls and doors and lay lovely solid wood floors.  Funnily enough, the rooms always look a lot more uncluttered than they really are!  Anyway, hopefully, over the next few weeks/months we may actually begin to see some of those dreams come into reality.  I have also been amusing myself with a little papier mache and created these little characters.


They are a wire, card and paper structure with painted decoration.  They need a little tweeking, but soon they will be hopping into my Etsy shop.

Bought my copy of the Independant this morning on the way to work and discovered the suppliment was all about design, with this amazing cover… This is the work of Rob Ryan whose work can be found here and on sale here.   I first came across his work when I read The book of Lost Things by John Connolly (highly recommend)  fab stuff.

Before I go, my son Thomas, has asked if someone out there has got any advice on travelling to Canada.  He wants to travel around about November time to Vancouver.  He will be on a  tight budget and is hoping to stay in whatever is  Canada’s equivalent of the Youth Hosteling Association.  But he is struggling to find information.  Has anyone any ideas on flights and accomodation?



4 responses to “A catch up and a request

  1. I don’t live in Vancouver, BC nor have I been there(I’m in Toronto, Ontario) however the following sites may be helpful.



    (from source: although it has mostly good hostels, doesn’t have a uniform standard, so you need to decide on each place yourself.)




  2. Your kitchen designs look interesting…and I love the simplicity of your little birds…they look happy 🙂

    Fancy a spot of dancing for a little interlude? You will need to acquire a wiggly tail… 🙂

  3. I love how you can just whip up a picture like that, and the new kitchen plan looks great.

    Your birds are going to be a huge success, they are very sweet.

    As for traveling to Canada I can only suggest the Lonely Planet guide, they may have a web site too.

  4. I’m in Vancouver. We have a very large Youth Hostel right on the beach at Jericho on the west side. It has always been a favourite of traveling budget types – it’s a bit out of town, but on the bus route. Avoid downtown hostels -they are quite sketchy (drugs & theft potential v.high there – many of those ‘hostels’ are actually rooming houses). November is a particularly bleak and rainy month here unfortunately (like, 25 days of rain!!) – I would definitely recommend late Sept-Oct. if at all possible.

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