new work

watercolour and pencil.


16 responses to “new work

  1. ooooh…she is lovely! She goes perfect with the gorgeous Spring day we had here in New York today! Happy weekend to you!! xo..jenn

  2. Hi Joy! Beautiful piece, she’s so delicate! I love her face! Thank you for buying my ‘Dreamer’ painting, I’m glad she’ll be heading of to a loving new home! (I’ll post her on Monday!) x

  3. Isn’t she lovely, I really like her colours and her face, beautiful.

  4. she is so beautiful! This is a very calming, peaceful picture 🙂

  5. Oh that is soooo sweet !

  6. Hi, I’ve just nominated you for an award.
    Please visit my blog to find out more!


  7. Oh my-that is so lovely!

  8. Lovely face, showing innocence and trust and love for wild things 🙂

  9. Hi Joy – I’m finally getting myself organised to send out my PIF gift to you from last year – I’m sorry it has taken me so long! Could you send me your email and snail mail address so I can send you a parcel. Thanks, Lucy x

  10. Lovely. How is Mitten the kitten?
    New cat settling in here well.
    Love from Jackie and the Gingercats

  11. So charming! By the way Joy, is your son still looking for info on Vancouver? – that’s where I live… I just read your post about his upcoming trip — If he is, I may be able to help?!…

    Beata xxx

  12. She’s beautiful

  13. You do such lovely faces…

    And I love the idea in the previous post of remodeling your house in your sketchbook! I want to do some remodeling – at the very least, some redecorating – and what a great way to try out new ideas!

  14. Hi Joy

    How lovely! The little bird in the nest is so cute.

    Marie x

  15. Hi, Joy! Popped over to see if you had any more lovely works of art for me to look at…but I guess you are busy with another book illustration or in mid-flow…

    Fancy a wee break? Come and feast your eyes… 🙂

  16. oh! i love her!!!


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