meet the family!

Let me introduce you to the new little family that have taken residence. This is momma,  and with the kids….Lively little bunch they are, but one of them is a bit too adventurous for the likes of the other two.

That is a bit too close to the edge.

Elsewhere, at work, we have been enthralled by the talents of this chap, Thompson Dagnall who has turned a dead tree trunk into something truly amazing.


6 responses to “meet the family!

  1. I *love* the bird/chicken feet on the Mama!

  2. LOVE the new little family:)

  3. Your new family is delightful. You make magic happen when you do art.

  4. baileyandlachlangamez

    Isn’t that a wonderful sculpture. I have seen a few of these done and it’s such a great way to keep the tree there.

  5. They are really wonderful. How do you make them? Are they papiermache as Julie Arkell ususe?

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