More birds and a new project

Some new birds are appearing on my table after a little bit of tweeking with the design, this new shape and legs are proving a lot more stable.

The bird at the front is one of the original ones,  although I really like them, they have a cuddliness about them,  they have been very wobbley, and I felt I couldn’t put them up for sale until I could sort out their feet.  I think the main problem was that they were too top heavy, so after some trail and error, I have come up with the ones behind it, there is even a chicken there at the back!

The new project is lurking in the yard at the moment.  It arrived yesterday at 20 past 7 in the morning, a flat pack summerhouse! 

The idea is, that I will use it as a summer studio to paint and create and generally make a mess in.  I have heard though, that a younger member of the family fancies it as a camping den for the school holidays.  Hmmmm, however, we have to get it built yet, which will probably be a tale within it’s self.

Finally, some flowers for you all from my garden.   The vase is made by a potting friend of mine.


7 responses to “More birds and a new project

  1. Sounds like fun, new things ‘a foot’. 🙂

  2. Your birds are so cute. Your new summer studio will be so nice. Hurry and build it quick. I can’t wait to see. Stand your ground with the kids and make it all your own. :o) Vickie

  3. Wonderful little birds! You keep your shed to yourself, they can have their own when they are grown up! 🙂

  4. These are quite delightful. Quite charming little fellows. A shed of your own? I don;t know if I’d be able to share. Some young boys would have to be very, very deserving I think. What a lovely dilemma.

  5. Hi Joy,
    It’s me again. I just thought I’d let you know you’ve been tagged. Read my blog (Saturday, June 7th)to see the rules. Have a nice weekend.

  6. Great birds but oh what bliss, a summer house to mess around it. Vurginai Wolf said ” Every woman should have a room of her own!”

  7. I love the birds, they are very cute indeed.

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