update on the shed


Something is happening at the bottom of the garden ….

With the help of a very kind neighbour, my little shed/summerhouse is starting to come together.

The animals have given it the once over, and seem to approve of it so far.  Need to have another trip to the DIY store as we ran out of roofing felt, then glaze the windows and then I shall be moving in!!


5 responses to “update on the shed

  1. What a perfect little summerhouse! Your ginger cat seems to have got the hang of it! isn’t it funny how they have to check out anything new.


  2. Hi Joy,
    Wow! What a nice place to get away and do art. With my studio in the house, I am always distracted my things that need doing around my home. Now, I should get off the computer and go draw. Good luck with finishing the shed:)

  3. The summerhouse looks like something right out of Beatrix Potter. What a lovely place to work it will be.

  4. Your “shed” is gorgeous, well lets be honest it’s a bit more glam than a shed isn’t it?
    I think I’m not suffering from serious shed envy!

  5. You have a beutiful garden which I’m sure inspires all those lovely paintings of yours.

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