The shed (again)

Almost done, well, the outside is.  I am now working on the inside, making it a little cosier hopefully, but I just couldn’t resist adding a little vase of flowers in the window.

Hope you are not all bored with the shed, I will try and post arty stuff soon!



7 responses to “The shed (again)

  1. It’s beautiful. I love the color.

  2. i know i sound insane but I am a shed lover and I get warm fuzzies when I see a well loved shed. Your shed is just too gorgeous. I love the windows. I cant wait to see updates.

  3. I want to come and live in your shed! I have an old dilapidated greenhouse that I want to knock down and put a shed/workshop in its place. My husband is having none of it!!!

  4. I love your shed! How I wish that I had a little haven at the bottom of the garden ~

    Marie x

  5. Not bored at all, very envious!

  6. Not the least bit bored, rather excited to see you in it.

  7. I love the green you have used on the outside and it matches the vase perfectly.

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