Holmfirth Artweek 2008

Working on my shed has taken a back seat as I have been busy finshing off the paintings that I am submitting to Holmfirth Artweek.

All three seem to have their head in similar postions which I hadn’t noticed until I grouped them together for framing up.  It is a lovely exhibtion to be a part off, and as it is open until 10pm Monday to Friday, it is quite a big social occasion and is alway buzzing with people wandering around looking at the exhibits and the craft market.


13 responses to “Holmfirth Artweek 2008

  1. All three are very nice. I epecially like the blue and white striped hammock. It looks like my patio furniture cushions. I hope all goes well for you at Holmfirth Artweek. I’d love to come, but it’s too far to swim.

  2. Good luck with the Art Week events! Lovely new pictures Joy. I especially like the lady with the glass of wine – she looks like a good listener.

    It a shame I live too far away to just drop in.


  3. Your paintings are beautiful and your subjects have a wisdom and calmness about them.

  4. I rally love the colours you use, they are so beautiful, and the faces are fantastic.

  5. I especially like that blue reflected light on the larger portrait.

    Good luck with the show!

  6. I’m excited to hear how the art week went. Your contributions are simply delightful

  7. Such tender faces, now get back to that shed!

  8. The hammock girl is amazingly fun and easy to like – she just looks so comfortable and happy. Love that!

  9. The very best of luck with your show. I haven’t been to Holmfirth for years ~ wish I could be in Yorkshire to visit.

    Marie x

  10. Hi there
    It was be a pleasure to meet you at my gallery next week. We open from 10-5.30ish every day. I am there most days but if its not me there I’ll be in the studio which is just a couple of minutes away so you must tell my Mum to call me over. She will be in the gallery if its not me. Look forward to it

  11. The girls all look happy and contented and relaxed 🙂

  12. I just can’t believe I missed you! Just typical, I had to race off to Chester for bags. My Mum told me you were very lovely which of course I knew would be the case. Please come again and I’ll buy you a scone and a cup of tea next time.
    Really lovely paintings by the way x

  13. Hi Jamjar your pictures are great. We must come and see your Holmfirth exhibition…when’s it on? And who are you? Do we know you?Why were you listening to the Boat Band? Questions like these need answers
    Greg from the Boat Band

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