thread bare

I need to rediscover my creative thread as it seems to have got a little tangled lately, not sure if it is the school holidays taking me out of my routine or the dreary weather we have had this summer, maybe a bit of both plus various other factors getting in the way, making it that I can not find the space in my head to think creatively.  Anyway, whilst surfing through blogland earlier today, I popped into Adri’s Art and found she was talking about an on line course in paper and clay doll making, I was intrigued and hopped over (via her link) to gritty Arts Studio where Jane DesRosier was explaining all about her forthcoming on line course, I was intrigued and inspired and before I knew it, I had signed up.  I am really looking forward to this, it will be a challenge, something I have not done before and just maybe it will kick start what ever creative bit in me has slowed to a halt of late.


You can found out more here!


5 responses to “thread bare

  1. It looks very interesting ~ I hope it goes well and you get your mojo back.

  2. Hi Joy,
    You’ve must have had a busy summer. I hope you enjoy Jane’s class. She’s a good teacher. I’ve learned a lot from her video demonstrations. I hope she gets you excited about creating again.
    How is your shed/studio project coming?

  3. Sweet Joy, the doll I have is evidence that you are already quite marvelous at that art and I hope this class will inspire you to make many, many more beautiful dolls.

  4. Hi Joy,

    This sounds like fun! Enjoy your course and I hope that you rediscover your creativity.

    Marie x

  5. This looks inspiring, sadly the class is now full, I’ll just have to keep popping over here to see how you progress.

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