Ta Daaaaaaaaaa!

She is done!

and what fun it has been. 

All the stitching and stuffing and painting has been well worth it.

I highly recommend the cloth and clay course that Jane runs,  Jane is a brillant teacher, very clear instructions and always ready to answer any questions.  I feel as if we have been all sat around the same table, not thousands of miles apart.  There will be another course in November – Find out about it here.

I am off to make another one now,   I think tea will be late tonight……


8 responses to “Ta Daaaaaaaaaa!

  1. Oh my God, I am not a doll fan, but this is marvellous! Well done!

  2. She looks as if she’s just stepped out of one of your paintings – how fabulous!


  3. Wow. Inspiring. Has it worked? regain your creative mojo?

  4. She is wonderful, you must be delighted with her.

  5. Oooooh I love her! Great job! :o) Amy

  6. The detail on her face is charming ~ you must be really pleased with her.

    Marie x

  7. Hi Joy,
    Your doll is wonderful. She has great details and is so well done. It looks like you are an expert. I think Jane is an excellent teacher. I didn’t take the class, but I love her instructional videos.

  8. She’s a doll!! I still cherish my girl sent from over the sea. You are a marvel!!!

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