creative mess

Having fun playing with paperclay, enjoying feeling creative again.  but my kitchen table is fast disappearing under everything though.  I am so untidy!

I have been painting up this little fella this evening, he seems quite friendly, though he does look a little worried. 

I am sure he will be alright once he has settled in.


6 responses to “creative mess

  1. How cute is he? 🙂 Looks like fun.

  2. Hi there….thanks for visiting my blog…’s been a while but I’m back now….just thought i would pop over and visit……I truly love your blog and your work…….very individual………and inspiring…….thanks…..
    Rachel x

  3. What a wonderful mess to get all caught up in. I think he looks like a Percy.

  4. I love the new little people, they are so clever.

    Now did that parcel arrive, I posted it months and months ago?

  5. hi. i didn’t see any contact info, so i hope it’s ok to leave a comment instead. i am SO sorry if i caused offense. i didn’t mean to. i did credit you and linked back to your flickr site, the link is at the bottom of the post. i did not ask permission and i’m very sorry for that. all the ‘creating your blog’ blogs i’ve read have said public domain photo sites are fine to use without permission as long as credit is given, so i never thought to ask. your art is beautiful and i never intended to ‘steal’ it or to reproduce it unfairly. if you prefer, i’ll take it down and use a different image. again, i apologize.


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