Crikey! I seemed to missed out November (blogging wise) all together! most remiss of me, note to self ‘must try harder to write at least one post a month!’

It is getting cold here, very cold, not only is it sub zero outside, it feels like it indoors too.  We don’t have central heating in my little house, in fact I have not lived in a house with central heating for about 27 years, so I should be well used to it.  We do have a lovely gas fire that looks like a wood burning stove and is very cosy when it works….. but that’s the rub, it can be a little fickle and if it feels like switching its self off – it will,  regardless of the poor souls sat toasting their toes and paws near it., and when it does switch its self off, then it has to get completely cold before you can switch it back on.   So you get the picture, the temperature drops, I put the fire on and then sit there with my fingers crossed hoping that it will stay lit till I toddle off to bed.  Well enough is enough, and today it was cleaned out and put back together and at the moment…. it is cosy again in here, hooray!  Even more so, as snow is forecast for tonight.  We had a brief taste of the white stuff earlier on, and out I went with my trusty camera to try and capture a snow crystal.  If you look very carefully there is one or two there caught in a bit of spiders web near the wheelie bin.



I love snow crystals and snow flakes and of cause there is a website all about them.

Meanwhile, another little angel on the drawing board.


Sorry for the rubbish photo, will take a better one when the painting is finished. 


All for keep warm! 

(and no, we haven’t put up the Christmas decorations – this is from a couple of Christmas’s ago).


One response to “cold….

  1. Keep warm on those cold winter days Joy. I know that it isn’t officially winter as yet, but it certainly feels like it here.

    Marie x

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