The cold of yesterday turned the world white during the night.  I peeped outside early before it was light and saw the magic beginning, huge flakes were silently drifting down.  There was enough snow in the end for it to be a ‘snow day’, big treat!  Ironically, the local children could get to school but the teachers couldn’t drive in as the roads were so bad.  My son was already on his way when I got a text message saying the school was shut.  Needless to say they were able to amuse themselves one way and another.


Before long, a new had neighbour appeared.


Later, warmed by the fire that is thankfully working today, I played with my little birds taking new portraits of them, There are more of these in the pipeline, they are such fun to make.


Hope you are having a lovely winter’s day where ever you are.



3 responses to “winter

  1. Hi Joy,

    I love your photographs ~ particularly the last one with the snow covered hill in the background. How I miss Yorkshire!

    Thanks for dropping by to say hello ~ I wondered what had become of you…

    Marie x

  2. Hi Joy…I absolutely love your art. You had a darling little dog on ETSY a while ago that I thought was wonderful. If my husband hadn’t been laid off, I would have snapped it up in a heartbeat. Anyway, I lurk here on your blog a good bit and enjoy the eye candy so much. Thank you!

    I was tagged by Nancy Tobin, and thought of adding you. Here are the rules, if you’d like to join in…

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  3. The birds are joyous and the perferct accompaniment to the winter white

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