More snow is forecast for tonight, and it does start to make you feel a little festive, so I decided to put the decorations up at work.  This doesn’t take too long as it is fairly low key and simple but sweet in its own way.  I started off with a bit of sparkle,


then added a deer or two….


closely followed by some lights……


Yes, I know, that is a stuffed badger….. I had better explain, I work in a countryside visitor centre, and this is part of the nature table area.  There are quite a few stuff-ties (as I affectionally call them) in the centre.  Some people like them and some don’t, I with the camp that likes them (good job really), as they are a really useful way to show children what various animals and birds look like that they wouldn’t normally get to see close up.   The little paper owl hanging in the tree (branch of a silver birch) is my design, I came up with them for an event we ran recently all about owls, once the children had finished dissecting owl pellets, they could colour these in and cut them out to make mobiles.  If you would like to have a go aswell,  here is the sheet…..


I am not sure how well this will print off, but it is my freebie for the day to you, have fun!



5 responses to “festive….

  1. What an interesting place to work. And your owls are lovely – what a clever design!


  2. I love you paper owls! Thanks

  3. I am in the doll group too. Love your blog.

  4. Interesting place of employment, indeed! (And that is a fun way to make it ‘festive’ 🙂

    We just finally got hit with our first snow storm of the season as well. Feeling chilly and all hot-chocolate craving!

  5. What lovely festive touches.

    We had snow overnight and we are expecting a lot more before Christmas Day, so I am going to be out with my camera and will post some photos soon. After two green Christmases, I think I can say that this is definitely going to be a white one.

    Marie x

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