Just before Christmas I came across a blog that I am sure many of you know already, but it was new to me.  Attic 24 is written by a lady called Lucy who has such an eye for colour that every photograph seems to ZING!  plus she is brilliant with the old crochet hook, and generous too, as she has patterns on her blog that have your fingers absolutely itching to start.  So much so I have been inspired to dig out my crochet hooks that have not seen the light of day for much too long and I have nipped off to the local wool shop and bought myself a bag full of  jolly coloured yarn and I am currently attempting her beautiful crocheted bag…..


It is such a lovely thing to be doing on these cold dark January evenings.


We had a little dollop of snow yesterday, not too much so as to be able to drive relatively safely, but enough to look  pretty.  At work, we were meeting with someone who we are hoping will do some more sculpture for us and we showed him round our site and I remembered my camera for once!

This is our willow tunnel


That is not snow on the grass, it is the frozen pond!


through the woodland to the river


Hope you are staying snug and cosy where ever you are.


6 responses to “Inspired

  1. Oh I am THRILLED to see a bag in the making, and your colours are suitably zingy too, it’s going to look stunning.
    Keep me posted i can’t wait to see it progress
    Love to you, and happy New Year

  2. Hi Joy,

    Happy New Year! It has taken me ages to return your visit ~ I’ve been working lots of night shifts and haven’t had time to blog.

    What pretty colours and so cheerful too ~ just the thing for the dark days of winter. Stay warm and enjoy your crafting.

    Marie x

  3. Hi Joy,

    I have a couple of blog awards for you ~ stop by when you have a minute.

    Marie x

  4. What a contrats between the croceht and the pictures!

  5. I love all the beautiful photos…superb willow arch too 🙂 Your handiwork is very colourful…cheered me up on a dreary winter’s day 🙂

  6. Love the willow tunnel. Your frosty walks are vastly more naturalistic and atmospheric than mine here.

    Have fun with the crocheting. Yarn can be so addictive…

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