It’s a snow day – official

Unless of cause, you are in one of the few parts of this country that have not been hit by this ‘snow event’, as the people on the TV keep calling it.  Needless to say, younger son’s school is shut and the way it is snowing at the moment, I would not be surprised if it were shut tomorrow.


The above photo was taken a few hours ago and my footprints from then have now been covered again.  It is very cold indeed but so beautiful, the wind whips the snow from the roof opposite and turns it into a spinning frenzy of white dust.  The cats ventured forth for as long as they needed to and are now curled up in warm corners of the house. 


This is the view from the end of our garden, across the park to the hills beyond.  Time to get back inside and thaw out and turn my attention to some WIP.


But first butternut squash soup with onion bread for lunch, mmmmmm.  If you would like to try it, here is the recipe….

1  butternut squash

1  tin of chopped tomatoes

2  red peppers

1  pint of vegetable stock

1  tablespoon of demerara sugar

1  tablespoon of ground ginger

Put all the above into a large pan and cover,  cook for about 40 minutes on the top of the stove.   Use a potato masher to break down the bit chunks or liquidise if you prefer a smooth texture,  and enjoy!


Hope you are warm where ever you are.


One response to “It’s a snow day – official

  1. It seems all of Britain is a winter wonderland this week. Enjoy, but stay warm. Perhaps crocheting is the best bet for a day like this.

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