Today, I have been busy….

Walking the dog….


Past the old stone cottages, They look so lovely in their snowy setting.  Through the gateway that marks the old boundary of Lancashire and Yorkshire,  Mabel gets very excited at this point as she knows this is the way to the horse field,  lots of interesting smells, if you are a dog that is!


Wonderful views across to ‘pots n pans’ in Saddleworth,


and into the horse field, but hang on, where is the grass, where are the horses, just deep deep snow, poor Mabel.


Not quite what she was expecting.  It is too much for a little dog with very short legs,  Mabel soon became unimpressed with the white stuff and decided it was time to head home.


I must say I was quite glad to turn back too, it looks glorious, but crikey, it was cold this morning.  Time for hot chocolate and a newly iced cake.




4 responses to “Today, I have been busy….

  1. Oh! poor little Mabel! that’s such a sweet little picture – I bet she was pleased to get back home 🙂


    PS: I now have plate-envy – where did you get it from?

  2. What a great walk! Love your views!!


  3. Such spectacular views you have… all the better highlighted with snow. The loveliness is lost, of course on Mabel. For her it’s just a good walk spoiled (which is what Mark Twain once said about golf). Mabel reminds me quite a lot of my Little White Dog who does like the snow. Perhaps what mabel needs is a nice bone in front of a cozy stove.


  4. Hi Joy,

    I love your snow scenes ~ the Moors always look so dramatic with a dusting of snow and you have certainly had more than that this year.

    Stay warm!

    Marie x

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