A little while ago, tucked away in this post, I was telling you about the work of  a  lovely lady,  I had stumbled across her photos onFlickr and then found her blog and Etsy shop, You know how it is when sometimes you come across someones work that really excites you and makes you smile, and you want to see more and more of the persons work, well that was me.  I was enthralled by her work, those little faces exquisitely made, my heart was lost and I had to have one,  and so after a little wait  for her to fly across the ocean, my very own lollie girl is here.


Made from papier mache, paperclay and wire, with two little pebbles in the niche in her tummy,  and then painted with watercolours.  She now hangs on my red wall where I can see her all day.


and because I had the honor of being her first Etsy customer,  a little extra treat was in the parcel too,  one of Marilyns lovely heart brooches.


Just right for this time of the year!

Thank you Marilyn.


4 responses to “Introducing….

  1. What a treat Joy, you’ve made me feel like a star!
    The little heart pin looks perfect on you, and Lollie looks very pleased to be in her new home.

    marilyn phillippi

  2. That would make me smile. I can see by the wya you are holding it that its special.

  3. OMG, she’s darling. I can certainly see why you would be all excited an delighted to have her for your very own. She looks splendid on that red wall. And a heart brooch to boot. It looks lovely on you… I’ll have to track down this lollie making artist.


  4. I love her stripey little legs. And kudos on the heart-brooch score! 🙂

    (And I am still enjoying gazing upon my tiny fish plaque from you. It’s on my studio bulletin board where I see it every day).

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