garden treasure

We were greeted with lovely warm sunshine today, which was brilliant as it is my day at home and the decent weather meant that I could spend some of that time in the garden.


These two cheery primroses were tucked away behind a tree, I love their bright colours.  Next to them were the hellebores, the only way to photograph them is to hold the camera beneath them pointing upwards, if you get my drift, so that you can see their pretty noddins heads.


On to the pond, where there has been lots of activity over the last two days, with the frogs that is.  The arrival of the frog spawn is two weeks later than last year, but I guess we have had a bitterly cold winter. 


Then it was time to check the pots by the summerhouse, they are looking so good, I added some little violas to them today.  Everywhere there are buds bursting and unfolding, fresh bright green tiny leaves beginning to open.  Just lovely.   Whenever I have a potter in the garden I am also on the look out for something else.   A long time ago, this area that is now the garden, was used as a dump in victorian times, and I often find pieces of pottery as well as other bits and bobs.  I can not remember the number of spanners I have dug up!  But today it was small pieces of broken pottery that I found, I love these fragments from the past, the patterns are so pretty and delicate. 


You can just picture them as cups and plates being used in the houses and cottages that are nearby.


I hope that you are having lovely spring weather where ever you are.

Bye for now.


4 responses to “garden treasure

  1. Our garden is full of blue and white fragments too – I can’t bear to throw them away so have various stashes waiting for me to have time to make mosaics! We also have a collection of pieces of clay tobacco pipes – I can just imagine the old gardener having a quiet smoke in the sun!

    Those two bowls are gorgeous 🙂


  2. Great tresure. I love finding fragments of pottery when we are out walking

  3. Oh spring flowers, how lovely! Cute photo of the frog too.

    No, spring hasn’t appeared here yet and it is really cold again today. How I long for signs of green!

    Marie x

  4. One little frog and all those eggs? There will be a tadpole reckoning any day.

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