New birds

A while ago I experimented with making birds with papier mache, I loved it but other things took over, life and so on, and my little birds sat on a dusty shelf. Anyway whilst moving things around in my workroom, I came across them and my heart skipped, I had to make some more.

Ah, WordPress is not  letting me post any more pictures than this one, infact I can not even scroll below it to write this, frustrating or what!  I have more piccis to show you but maybe that will have to wait.  You could zip over to my Flickr page where there is the latest bird showing off its new spring plumage.   Hopefully normal transmisson will resume shortly!  Bye for now.



3 responses to “New birds

  1. I love the doodle-oddling on the wings. Whimsical

  2. These are great! If I saw them in a shop. I’d go for them. You have a great talent there, amongst all the other talents. Every time I come you see to be creating something new. How inspiring 🙂

  3. Hi Joy

    I left a comment on winter nest but I didn’t realise that it was dated a year ago, just in case you thought I hadn’t replied to your lovely comment on my blog.

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