Spring time is blossom time, and the blossom has arrived in my garden.


I love this time of the year for all the billowy blossomy blossom that smoothers trees.  The blossom trees that I have in my garden are still quite young, but they have done well this year with a fair amount of pinky white flowers on them.  This morning they looked beautiful against the blue blue sky in the sun shine, sadly it has now turned all grey and rainy, but it was lovely while it lasted.


The petals are almost transparent with the sun shining through them.  I have also treated myself to some senetti (I think it is called), such an amazing blue.


On the creative front, I have picked up my paintbrushes again, it seem ages since I have painted anything, it has been papier mache for weeks now.  I am working on this chap at the moment, he appeared as a scribble on a scrap of paper and before I knew it, he had grabbed my attention and started taking form on a board.


Think I might call him ‘blossom’!


5 responses to “blossom

  1. Call him “Blossom” if you dare, but be ready to run. I love the colors in the painting. We’ve had a lot of gray skies here. I took photos of my blossoms against a dark gray sky. Come take a look.

  2. He is definately a “blossom”! I love your painting.

  3. Definitely call him ‘Blossom’. It reminds me of the perfume Cosmetics To Go (who turned into ‘Lush’) made for men and it was called ‘Pansy’. They used a big hairy biker bloke to advertise it! 🙂

  4. I think Blossom suits him. I love the shape of his head and thick neck.

  5. I love this one… his brother must be Petal. 😉

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