sunshine to rain

We began this week bathed in glorious sunshine, summer was here, lots of trips round the garden were required with watering can for thirsty flowers, butterflies and bees flitted and buzzed around the plants, the birds were singing, lovely.

June 09 002

Mitten took up fishing!

June 09 009

He even got his paw wet!!

June 09 010

But I don’t think he caught anything, I reckon the frogs were watching him from the other side of the pond!

Friday dawned, a very special day in these parts, which I have mentioned before on this blog, Whit Friday. 

img39.     01.06.07 032

There are some that consider this day to be the best day of the year,  It certainly is an experience from the Whit walks in the morning, each church community walking the boundaries of there parish complete with banners, brass bands and flower queens.  To the famous brass band contests in the evening. 

img39.     01.06.07 031

The afternoon is given over to childrens sports activities if you want, but I join up with a group of friends to have a shared lunch in their garden, always lovely.   Here is my contribution to the lunch.

June 09 028

Easy peasie strawberry cupcakes, they were so easy to make and did a very fast vanishing act!  The recipe that I used was from my beloved BeRo cookbook.

100 g (4 oz)    marg or softened butter

100 g (4 oz)    caster sugar

2 medium eggs

100 g (4 oz)    self raising flour

I also used a handful of of chopped strawberries to add to the mix

You cream the margarine and sugar together, until nice and smooth, light and fluffy.

Beat in the eggs one at a time with a spoonful of flour.

Then add the rest of the flour, folding in gently.

At this point I mixed in the chopped strawberries, the smell was so delicious!

Half fill paper cases and bake in oven (gas 5, 190 C, 375 F) for about 15 minutes.

I decorated them with a little pink icing and of course topped with a strawberry.

This year we were not so lucky with the weather, it was fine up to the end of the afternoon, but then at about 4.30 the heavens opened complete with a loud rumble of thunder, just at the time the band contests are getting underway outdoors all over the local area.  The day ended cold wet and windy with the threat of snow forecast for the Pennines believe it or not!! 

I am busy finishing some paintings for this years Art Week  in Holmfirth, It is ‘taking in’ day at the end of the month so the pressure is on!  However I have managed to find time for my new addition, crochet. My latest accomplishments are two bowls, one is an teeny weeny one of Noro yarn, the other is a bit bigger made with dishcloth cotton.

June 09 036

Can you see my treasured crocheted pebble from resurrection fern

I found the pattern for the cream coloured bowl here. 

Oh! Almost forgot, I am now on Twitter!!

Will have to dash, there seem to be hungry offspring hovering.  Bye for now!


3 responses to “sunshine to rain

  1. Hello,
    I have never yet been to any of the Whit walks or band concerts. Hubby was born in Delph so has been and every year we would love to go but as I work in a school in Rochdale time off is not allowed during term time. I will just have to make do with your pictures! We do plan to visit Holmfirth during Arts Week though.

  2. Ah, I thought I recognised the crocheted pebble! Oooh, and I can spot a Romany book on your shelf…I am itching to see what the rest are. As far as snow and the Pennines go, I can well believe it, but such bad luck on your special day. The joy of the British fete/celebration season. Will it, won’t it?

  3. Those traditional boundary walks must be great fun Joy. I don’t recall hearing about anything like that down “south”. Loved the strawberry tarts too. They looked delicious.

    Mittens is a cutey with one paw in the pond. My brother’s kittens have all been in his small pond several times. I think they have been fishing for frogs too…ha ha. PS I love those crochet bowls.

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