A summers day

Spent the morning potting up plants for the yard.  We have a yard with a garden beyond, the garden tends to be a overgrown cottage garden  mix of perennials, whereas the yard with its painted walls has pots of zingy coloured annuals as well as some climbing plants.  The idea is that when I am sitting out there in the evening with the candles lit in the lanterns, I can pretend that I am holiday in some faraway Mediterranean coastal resort, ah dream on!!

June 09 063June 09 062

June 09 070June 09 071

June 09 058June 09 074

No sooner had I finished than ominous dark clouds began building up in the distance.   

June 09 090

I popped indoors to check out one of my favourite weather sites, this one shows you where there is thunder and lightning storm activity in the UK.  Sure enough there was a huge cluster (if that is the right word) of activity very close by, so time to put down the trowel and make a cup of tea and enjoy the spectacle which I could now hear rumbling not too far away.  It is strangeto think that as a child I would be quivering in my shoes with fright by now,  I am still not keen on being outdoors in a storm but really enjoy watching them from the relative safety of my window.  Before long we were experiencing flashes and window rattling thunder and an immense downpour complete with hail stones.  The garden was very grateful!  When I finally went back outside the sunshine had returned and my climbing roses were reflected in the puddles in my yard.

June 09 094

Working on a new painting at the moment.  sorry, not the best photograph,  I think I need a new camera!

June 09 085


3 responses to “A summers day

  1. Your mermaid would feel right at home in that shower! I love the photo of the puddle too.

  2. Love that mermaid Joy. I love the fact that she is sitting in an armchair. So incongrous but works beautifully. We have had some amazing rain this past week but I think it is going to get very hot and dry now. Love your flower photos.

  3. I adore your mermaid!!! She is just awesome. : )

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