Number ninty nine….

This is my 99th post

June 09 075

which means

June 09 021

the next post will be a giveaway post!!    Yeh!!

March 09 199

See you then….


7 responses to “Number ninty nine….

  1. Love the look of expectation on your little dog’s face 🙂

    Did you say “walkies”?


  2. We have lots in common…I, too, have poppies in my latest post…and an animal, though mine is feline. Love the artwork, as always 🙂

    Fancy watching my little video of housemartins, snails and kitty-cat tales? Here’s the link below…

  3. Oh,i ´m understand perfect your coment in my blog,thank you so much!!!!You have a lovelyyyy garden,is a paradise!!!!:)

  4. Hello!
    How exciting, 100 posts.
    I tooo have poppies in my last post, must be popular!

  5. Your little dog looks as if he is expecting a giveaway too…..ha ha. Looking forward to your next post.

  6. Joy, I have tagged you on my blog but don’t worry if you don’t like tagging. There is no pressure at all.

  7. One hundred beautiful posts – I might say. Look for a giveaway in your post this week, my little fairy.

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